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4 Z80A's

I have 4 Z80a's I am willing to trade or swap, if i am given a test procedure i am willing to even test them before sendig them over.
I am not willing to sell them nor am i willing to trade them for money. ;)
Make me a offer i cannot refuse. ;)
And i warn you i am rather picky.

To test; insert in Timex

To test; insert in Timex Sinclair.

I suppose

Well I suppose i could do that if i ever get access to a timex a real sinclair zx spectrum is more likely to pop up in these regions.
Mr. Herd I suppose the Atari 2600 is just about on par for the job if we were talking 6502 here.(yes i do know it actually used a 6507 but that is a simplified version of the 6502 IMHO)

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