Bil Herd Video on Commodore C116
C116 Video with Bil Herd

Thanks again to Rob Clarke who sent me a C116 in beautiful condition, A Joystick which I never thought I would see again, and a Jack Attack cartridge which was the one game we had going at the CES show when we demo'ed the TED/C116/264 series. The C116 had a sleek design and features ahead of their time considering the price tag of $49.  There is even a reason we went to DIN connectors for the Joysticks but you have to watch the video to find out why.

large_C116 Top.jpglarge_Bil Herd showing C116 Inside.jpglarge_Bil Herd showing C116 Joystick.jpglarge_C116

  • Case Design: Ira Velensky
  • Chip Design: Bruce Ahearns, Dave DiOrio, Eric Chow Yan Yang, Bob Raible
  • Hardware: Bil Herd, Dave Haynie
  • Software: Fred Bowen, Terry Ryan, John Cooper, Hedley Davis

In addition to the really cool collection of old C116 stuff, Rob also sent a Christmas Card done on a C116, which proves we really did make pixels this way, way back when.


large_christmas card from Rob Clarke.JPG

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