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Dominic Monaghan Says the Appeal of 'Moonhaven' Is Its Flourishing View of the Future - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 17:29
The Lord of the Rings actor plays a detective in a new AMC Plus series that takes place 100 years in the future.

Disney Plus is Raising Prices and Introducing an Ad-Supported Tier - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 17:24
You'll have to pay more if you want to keep an ad-free version of Disney Plus starting in December.

Apple Reportedly Signs Deal With Podcaster Futuro Studios - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 17:21
The tech giant has apparently agreed to fund development and production of podcasts in exchange for chance to turn them into film or TV shows.

Disney+ ad-free streaming price increases to $11 per month in December

Engadget - Wed, 2022-08-10 16:49

Disney+ isn't done raising prices. As part of its third quarter earnings report, Disney revealed that it's hiking the price of the ad-free service in the US to $11 per month, $3 more than today, on December 8th. If you want to keep the same price, you'll have to subscribe to the ad-supported tier launching the same day. In other words, the ad-backed plan won't really be cheaper — you'll just have to pay more to keep the uninterrupted experience you already have.

The media giant also said it would raise the price of ad-free Hulu by $2 to $15 per month on October 10th. If you can accept ads, you'll also pay $8 per month instead of today's $7. A $10 monthly outlay provides both Disney+ and Hulu with ads. A bundle offering ad-free Disney+, ad-supported ESPN+ and its Hulu counterpart is climbing by a dollar to $15 per month, but you'll dip to $13 per month if you're willing to tolerate commercials across all three. You'll have to pay $20 per month to get the trio without any sales pitches.

Disney wasn't shy about the reason for the price hikes. Although it added 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers during the quarter (for a total of 221 million across all services), the operating losses for its streaming-oriented division surged from $293 million a year ago to nearly $1.1 billion. The production costs for Disney+ and Hulu are soaring, and Disney wants to make that money back.

The performance contrasts sharply with a key rival. While Netflix is prepping its own ad-driven plan, it's currently losing customers — it's counting on advertising to return growth where Disney is simply hoping to make a profit. As rough as its finances might be, Disney+ is in a stronger position.

59 Weird Objects Seen on Mars, Explained - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 16:38
From a secret doorway to a cannonball, entertaining images from Mars amuse scientists and excite conspiracy theorists and alien fans.

Ford Increases Base F-150 Lightning Range, Raises Price Across the Board - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 16:24
As the automaker reopens reservations on the F-150 Lightning, new customers can expect to pay between $6,000 and $8,500 more for the electric pickup.

FCC rejects Starlink request for nearly $900 million in broadband subsidies

Engadget - Wed, 2022-08-10 15:43

Starlink can't count on a flood of government subsidies to help expand its satellite internet service. The FCC has rejected the SpaceX unit's bid to receive $885.5 million in aid through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. The broadband provider "failed to demonstrate" that it could deliver the claimed service, according to a statement.

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel said Starlink had "real promise," but suggested her agency couldn't justify 10 years of subsidies for "developing technology" that requires a $600 satellite dish. She added that the FCC needed to make the most of "scarce" funding for broadband expansion.

SpaceX won its bid in December 2020 through an auction. At the time, it said it would use the subsidies to serve 35 locations. It also promised prices in sync with terrestrial broadband, and that it would meet "periodic" service buildout requirements.

LTD Broadband, a fixed wireless provider, netted over $1.3 billion in that auction and also lost its bid today. That company was not "reasonably capable" of deploying the required internet service after it lost qualifying statuses in seven states, the FCC said.

We've asked SpaceX for comment. The denial isn't a fatal blow to the company's plans, but it makes clear that Starlink will have to rely on its own funding if it's going to expand as outlined in 2020. The FCC's move might also serve as a warning to other would-be fund recipients. While the Commission is eager to improve rural broadband, it won't grant money to internet providers without some close scrutiny.

'House of the Dragon' Will Be 'Succession' With Dragons, Says Showrunner - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 15:30
The writers of HBO's Game of Thrones prequel looked to Succession and The Crown for inspiration.

Updated Lamborghini Urus Sets New Pikes Peak Record - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 15:26
It beat the Bentley Bentayga's record by 17 seconds.

Camouflaged Lamborghini Urus Facelift Stands Out at Pikes Peak - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 15:26
The updated Urus set a new record time at Pikes Peak.

New Webb Telescope Target: Possibly the Youngest Exoplanet Ever Detected - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 15:23
If this foreign world really exists, it would challenge our known theories of planet formation.

Best Car Lifts for Home Garages in 2022 - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 15:00
From offering you easier car maintenance to additional vehicle storage, a home garage car lift is a dream for every car enthusiast.

Facebook still has trouble removing white supremacists, study says

Engadget - Wed, 2022-08-10 14:53

Facebook's crackdown on hate speech apparently has room for improvement. As The Washington Postexplains, the non-profit watchdog Tech Transparency Project (TTP) has published a study indicating that white supremacist groups still have a significant presence on the social network. Over 80 of these racist organizations have a presence on Facebook, some of which the company has already labeled as "dangerous organizations" it normally bans. Researchers found 119 pages and 20 groups, including 24 pages Facebook auto-generated when users listed white supremacist groups as employers or interests.

Searches were also problematic, according to the watchdog. Facebook displayed ads next to searches for white supremacist groups, even when those outfits were on the social site's blocklist. Recommendations steered visitors to other hate pages, and Facebook's tactic of redirecting users to pro-tolerance groups was only effective for 14 percent out of 226 searches. Some searches for supremacists displayed ads for Black churches. This could effectively identify targets for extremists, TTP said.

In a statement to Engadget, Meta said it "immediately" began removing ads from searches linked to banned groups. It also said it was fixing the issue with a "small number" of auto-generated pages. The company further vowed to keep working with outside experts to "stay ahead" of hate and other extremist content. You can read the full statement below.

The survival of these groups on Facebook isn't completely surprising. University of Michigan associate professor Libby Hemphill told The Post that hate groups are increasingly aware of how to dodge content restrictions. Online platforms are frequently scrambling to adapt, and the TTP study suggests they're not always successful.

Even so, the findings add to Meta's headaches. They come just weeks after GLAAD accused Meta brands of doing too little to protect LGBTQ users, and relatively soon after whistleblower Frances Haugen said Facebook's algorithmic content filtering only caught a "tiny minority" of hate speech. There's plenty of pressure to ramp up anti-hate measures, and it's not yet clear how well the latest fixes will help.

"All 270 groups that Meta has designated as white supremacist organizations are banned from our platform. We invest extensively in technology, people, and research to keep our platforms safe. We immediately resolved an issue where ads were appearing in searches for terms related to banned organizations and we are also working to fix an auto generation issue, which incorrectly impacted a small number of pages. We will continue to work with outside experts and organizations in an effort to stay ahead of violent, hateful, and terrorism-related content and remove such content from our platforms."

See Death Valley's 1,000-Year Rain Event From Space - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 14:07
Furnace Creek was more like Flood Creek after an epic rain in the national park.

Peloton Crash: Exercise Platform Experiences Major Outages - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 13:52
Peloton says it's implemented a fix and is monitoring the situation.

Amazon's Echo Show 5 is back on sale for $40

Engadget - Wed, 2022-08-10 13:49

Amazon has reduced the price of the Echo Show 5 by $45. With the 53 percent discount, you can buy the smart display for $40, or just $5 more than it was during Prime Day. Released in 2021, the second-generation Echo Show 8 features a 960 x 480 resolution display and a 2-megapixel camera. Amazon offers the device in a trio of colors – Charcoal, Deep Sea Blue and Glacier White. All three models are currently on sale. Like its bigger sibling, the Echo Show 5 includes a sunrise alarm feature, allowing the display to slowly brighten as a way to wake you gently during dark winter mornings. It also comes with all the usual features found on Amazon Echo devices, including Alexa voice control and Ring integration.

Buy Echo Show 5 at Amazon - $40Buy Echo Show 5 Kids at Amazon - $50

Amazon has also discounted the Echo Show 5 Kids. The kid-friendly version is currently $50 after a $45 price drop. Paying the extra $10, you get a smart display with a two-year guarantee and a trial to Amazon Kids+. The service provides access to child-appropriate ebooks, games, videos and apps. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Echo sale if Amazon didn’t include the 4th-generation Dot. The company’s most affordable smart speaker is currently $40, down from $50. You can get the Kids version on sale too. The Echo Dot is a good option for adding Alexa to one of the rooms in your home.

Buy Echo Dot at Amazon - $40 Buy Echo Dot Kids at Amazon - $45

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Porsche Taycan Turbo S Beats Tesla Model S Plaid's Nürburgring Record - CNET

CNET News - Wed, 2022-08-10 13:48
The record-setting Taycan was fitted with a newly available performance kit.

Dark Brandon: Why White House Officials Are Tweeting Images of Joe Biden With Laser Eyes - CNET

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Everything you need to know about the viral Joe Biden meme.

Outfit Your Whole Home for Less Through This Philips Hue Lighting Sale - CNET

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These factory reconditioned options are easy to set up and let you customize your space for less.

10 Great Places to Shop for Your Back-to-School Wardrobe - CNET

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Changing up your back-to-school wardrobe? Check out some of our favorite stores to shop this school year.