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Better Memory Through Electrical Brain Ripples

Scientifc America - Fri, 2019-06-14 11:15
A study in mice shows improved cognitive performance when these bursting signals move around memory circuits

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The Bitter Truth: Scientists Sequence the Almond Genome

Scientifc America - Thu, 2019-06-13 16:00
Cracking the nut’s “cyanide problem” could make it easier to cultivate sweeter varieties of this ancient snack

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Earth's heavy metals result of supernova explosion, research reveals

Science Daily Astronomy - Thu, 2019-06-13 12:10
New research suggests most of Earth's heavy metals were spewed from a largely overlooked kind of star explosion called a collapsar.

NASA's Fermi mission reveals its highest-energy gamma-ray bursts

Science Daily Astronomy - Thu, 2019-06-13 12:10
For 10 years, NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has scanned the sky for gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), the universe's most luminous explosions. A new catalog of the highest-energy blasts provides scientists with fresh insights into how they work.

Ecological Detectives Hunt for San Francisco's Vanished Waterways

Scientifc America - Thu, 2019-06-13 06:45
Recovering “ghost creeks” from past landscapes can help protect the city’s future amid climate chaos

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Jupiter-like exoplanets found in sweet spot in most planetary systems

Science Daily Astronomy - Wed, 2019-06-12 16:29
A survey of 300 stars in search of exoplanets finds that massive, Jupiter-like gas giants are found just about where Jupiter is in our own solar system.

Astrophysicist announces her discovery that could rewrite story of how galaxies die

Science Daily Astronomy - Wed, 2019-06-12 16:29
A breakthrough finding overturns assumptions about the maturation of galaxies and may represent a phase of every galaxy's life cycle that was unknown until now.

Table salt compound spotted on Europa

Science Daily Astronomy - Wed, 2019-06-12 16:28
Researchers have discovered that the yellow color visible on portions of the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa is actually sodium chloride.

Using Ganja to Get High Dates Back Millennia

Scientifc America - Wed, 2019-06-12 14:50
Ancient site points to weed’s role in burial rites

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Crash with Antlia 2 gave the Milky Way the ripples in its outer disc, new evidence shows

Science Daily Astronomy - Wed, 2019-06-12 14:13
The newly-discovered dark dwarf galaxy Antlia 2's collision with the Milky Way may be responsible for our galaxy's characteristic ripples in its outer disc, according to a new study.

Gemini Planet Imager analyzes 300 stars

Science Daily Astronomy - Wed, 2019-06-12 14:06
Analysis from halfway through the Gemini Planet Imager's planetary survey hints that our solar system may have rare qualities which could possibly be related to the habitability of Earth.

Water on Europa--with a Pinch of Salt

Scientifc America - Wed, 2019-06-12 14:00
Much like Earth’s seas, the subsurface ocean of this icy moon of Jupiter contains sodium chloride, the main ingredient of table salt

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Rare 'superflares' could one day threaten Earth

Science Daily Astronomy - Wed, 2019-06-12 08:43
New research shows that the sun could experience a massive burst of energy called a superflare sometime in the next several thousand years.

Watch a Raging Forest Fire Surround You in 360 Degrees

Scientifc America - Wed, 2019-06-12 06:45
Nightmarish spherical videos, shot from the center of an inferno, demonstrate how they spread

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Saturn's moon Mimas: A 'snowplough' in the planet's rings

Science Daily Astronomy - Tue, 2019-06-11 13:39
Researchers have shown that Mimas, one of Saturn's moons, acted as a kind of remote snowplough, pushing apart the ice particles that make up the rings.

Two-for-One: Chickenpox Vaccine Lowers Shingles Risk in Children

Scientifc America - Tue, 2019-06-11 08:00
Immunization reduces the likelihood of a painful reemergence of the virus in kids

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Are People with ADHD More Creative?

Scientifc America - Tue, 2019-06-11 06:45
A look at whether people whose minds drift away easily, such as those with the disorder, are more likely to come up with original ideas

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Direct from distant planet: Spectral clues to puzzling paradox

Science Daily Astronomy - Mon, 2019-06-10 13:01
CI Tau b is a paradoxical planet, but new research about its mass, brightness and the carbon monoxide in its atmosphere is starting to answer questions about how a planet so large could have formed around a star that's only 2 million years old.

Technique pulls interstellar magnetic fields within easy reach

Science Daily Astronomy - Mon, 2019-06-10 11:15
A new, more accessible and much cheaper approach to surveying the topology and strength of interstellar magnetic fields -- which weave through space in our galaxy and beyond, representing one of the most potent forces in nature -- has been developed.

Astronomers determine mass of small black hole at center of nearby galaxy

Science Daily Astronomy - Mon, 2019-06-10 11:15
Astronomers have discovered that a black hole at the center of a nearby dwarf galaxy, called NGC 4395, is about 40 times smaller than previously thought.