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Best Car Scratch Removers for 2022 - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:30
Scratches and swirls are a real pain on a car's paintwork, but these products can help eliminate them.

Google to Pay Nearly $43M Over Collection of Android Location Data - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:23
Australian regulators accused the tech giant of misleading consumers about the collection and use of personal location data.

2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Is a Fresh Take on Vintage Looks - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:18
Whether it's paint colors or the wheels, the Bronco Heritage is dripping with old-school cool.

2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Brings Vintage Charm to a New Model - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:18
It may not have existed back in the day, but these new Bronco Sport variants look mighty cool regardless.

Drought Is Declared in Parts of a Hot, Dry Britain

SlashDot - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:06
The British government declared a drought for parts of southern, eastern and central England on Friday as the country, unaccustomed to such extreme heat, endured another day of scorching conditions. From a report: The declaration came after a group of officials and experts, including the National Drought Group, met to discuss the government's response to "the driest summer in 50 years," the Environment Agency said in a statement. Extreme-heat warnings have also been issued for parts of southern England and Wales, just weeks after Britain withered under some of its highest temperatures on record. "We are currently experiencing a second heat wave after what was the driest July on record for parts of the country," Britain's water minister, Steve Double, said in a statement released after the drought group's meeting. "Action is already being taken by the government and other partners," to deal with the drought, he added. The drought announcement will allow water companies to impose stricter conservation measures. Several water companies have temporarily banned the use of hoses to water yards and gardens and to wash vehicles. The Met Office, Britain's national weather service, issued an extreme-heat warning through Sunday for much of the southern half of England and for parts of Wales, underscoring that the soaring temperatures could not only disrupt travel but also raise the risk of heat-related illnesses for certain groups.

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Porsche Unveils One-Off 911 Sally Special Inspired by Pixar's 'Cars' - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:00
The real-life interpretation of the Sally Carrera character will be auctioned off for charity.

Porsche 911 Sally Special Is a Wonderful Pixar Tribute - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 10:00
This one-off 911 Carrera GTS will be auctioned off for charity.

Nab 20% Off All Pearl Jewelry at Sterling Forever - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 09:46
It's not everyday there's a sale on jewelry. Get pieces that are durable and beautiful all in one.

Confused About Chicken Labels? Here's What They All Mean - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 09:34
Free-range, organic, pasture-raised, cage-free and certified humane. There are dozens of labels that get slapped on the side of chicken. Let's unpack what they really mean.

Why Apple's Foldable iPhone Isn't a Thing... Yet - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 09:00
Commentary: Samsung just released the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4. So where's Apple's foldable?

Mortgage Interest Rates for Aug. 12, 2022: Rates Increased - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 09:00
Today a handful of important mortgage rates climbed higher. If you're shopping for a home loan, see how your payments might be affected by inflation.

Mortgage Refinance Rates on Aug. 12, 2022: Rates Move Up - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 09:00
Multiple important refinance rates moved higher today. Though refinance rates change daily, experts expect rates to climb this year.

New Research Reveals the Circadian Clock Influences Cell Growth, Metabolism, and Tumor Progression

SlashDot - Fri, 2022-08-12 09:00
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: In a new University of California, Irvine-led study, researchers define how the circadian clock influences cell growth, metabolism and tumor progression. Their research also reveals how disruption of the circadian clock impacts genome stability and mutations that can further drive critical tumor-promoting pathways in the intestine. In this study, researchers found that both genetic disruption and environmental disruption of the circadian clock contribute to the mutation of the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor, which is found in the vast majority of human colorectal cancers (CRC). APC point mutations, deletions, and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) events have been reported in approximately 80 percent of human CRC cases, and it is these mutations that drive the initiation of intestinal adenoma development. "As a society, we are exposed to several environmental factors that influence our biological clock, including night shift work, extended light exposure, changes in sleep/wake cycles and altered feeding behavior," said Selma Masri, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological chemistry at UCI School of Medicine. "Strikingly, we have seen an alarming increase in several young-onset cancers, including colorectal cancer. The underlying cause of this increased incidence of cancer in adults in their 20s and 30s remains undefined. However, based on our findings, we now believe that disruption of the circadian clock plays an important role." The study has been published in the journal Science Advances.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Deal Saves You 20%, Grab One for $1,360 Today - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 08:21
Save $340 on the Surface 4 and get a whole lot of power packed into a portable PC.

The Quest 2 Is More Expensive, But It's Still the Best VR Headset For Now - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 08:00
The Meta Quest 2 is two years old and $101 more expensive. For now, though, it's still the VR headset to beat.

A Healthy Relationship With Social Media Is Hard to Define for Gen Z - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 08:00
Screen time limits and switching phones to gray scale aren't the answer.

Hollywood's Next Hit Could Be Based on an NFT -- And You'd Never Know It - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 08:00
John Wick's creator is writing an anime based on the Forgotten Runes NFT collection. It's one of many brands leaping from the blockchain to the big screen.

What Is the Real Cost of Setting Up an Amazon Alexa Smart Home? - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 07:30
I did the math to determine the cost of three Amazon smart home setups.

This Timer App Is the Answer to Your Focus Woes - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 07:00
Forest for iOS and Android turns even the most tedious, procrastination-inducing tasks into tree-planting fun.

Why You Should Be Using Google Chrome's Enhanced Safe Browsing Mode - CNET

CNET News - Fri, 2022-08-12 07:00
This mode offers you more security online, but there are some downsides.