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Updated: 29 min 54 sec ago

Shrinking Family Sizes May Change Our Experience with Aging

Tue, 2024-01-30 08:30

Throughout the world, the number of relatives that people have may dramatically shrink by 2095, which could change care for children and aging people

Can 'Conversations' with Whales Teach Us to Talk with Aliens?

Tue, 2024-01-30 08:00

A controversial 20-minute interaction with a humpback whale might help scientists communicate with extraterrestrials and nonhuman Earthlings alike

These Numbers Look Random but Aren't, Mathematicians Prove

Tue, 2024-01-30 07:00

A new mathematical proof helps show whether a sequence of numbers is “pseudorandom”

Ancient Jewelry Shows Ice Age Europe Had 9 Distinct Cultures

Mon, 2024-01-29 15:00

Prehistoric artifacts used in jewelry, such as beads made from shells, amber and ivory, have shed light on the cultural groups that were present in Europe tens of thousands of years ago

The Roman Empire's Worst Plagues Were Linked to Climate Change

Fri, 2024-01-26 14:00

Changes in the climate may have caused disruptions to Roman society that manifested as disease outbreaks, researchers have found

AI Survey Exaggerates Apocalyptic Risks

Fri, 2024-01-26 08:00

A speculative survey about AI’s future may have been biased toward an alarmist perspective

AI Audio Deepfakes Are Quickly Outpacing Detection

Fri, 2024-01-26 07:00

An alleged voice recording of racist remarks exemplifies the challenges of our new AI normal

How Far Away Is the Horizon?

Fri, 2024-01-26 06:45

The edge of the world is closer than you think, and simple geometry proves it

NASA's Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Ends Mission on the Red Planet after 3 Years

Thu, 2024-01-25 18:40

NASA’s enterprising Mars helicopter and its remarkable 72 flights offered a new vision of planetary exploration

64,000 Pregnancies Caused by Rape Have Occurred in States with a Total Abortion Ban, New Study Estimates

Thu, 2024-01-25 18:15

Researchers calculated the number of pregnancies resulting from rape in states where abortion was banned throughout pregnancy after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision

Lions Are Changing Their Hunting Strategy because of Ant Invasion

Thu, 2024-01-25 14:00

Big-headed ants are invading new territories in Kenya—and the consequences are rippling through the whole ecosystem, scientists have found

Robotic Dinosaur Tests How Dinos (and Birds) Got Wings

Thu, 2024-01-25 11:00

Scientists built a robotic dinosaur to terrify grasshoppers, all in hopes of understanding how truly pathetic wings could offer prehistoric animals an evolutionary advantage

This Tiny Marsupial Gives Up Sleep for Sex, Then Drops Dead

Thu, 2024-01-25 11:00

The mouselike male antechinus goes all out for its first and final mating season

Babies Exposed to COVID in the Womb Are More Likely to Suffer Breathing Problems

Thu, 2024-01-25 10:30

Infants born to people who had COVID while pregnant are at a higher risk of respiratory distress, but vaccination greatly lowers the risk

The Opioid Crisis Is Now Being Tracked with Wastewater

Wed, 2024-01-24 12:00

Levels of opioids and other drugs in sewage could help public health authorities home in on drug use and target treatment efforts

Groundwater Is Declining Globally, but There Are Hopeful Exceptions

Wed, 2024-01-24 11:00

The most detailed global look at groundwater yet shows a lot of loss but also stories of success in restoring some aquifers

A Wild Claim about the Powers of Pi Creates a Transcendental Mystery

Wed, 2024-01-24 10:00

Mathematicians cannot determine whether multiplying pi by itself repeatedly might produce a whole number

Unprecedented Supernova Survey Underscores Dark Energy Mystery

Wed, 2024-01-24 08:00

The Dark Energy Survey has released a long-awaited analysis based on more than 1,500 supernovae. It suggests our laws of gravity just might be correct after all—or perhaps not

How Long Does It Really Take to Form a Habit?

Wed, 2024-01-24 07:00

There’s a myth that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Experts explain why it might take some people longer—or shorter

Animals Can See Colors We Can't--And New Tech Offers Us a Glimpse

Tue, 2024-01-23 15:45

A colorful new video technique lets scientists see the world like birds and bees