September 2013

Commodore Colors

 From an article by Philip "Pepto" Timmermann

Sample of 5VDC-9VAC Convertor

  • Example of using a 555 and a couple of transistors to make a 5V DC to 9VAC 1A convertor.
Schematics for C64 Plus with 80 Columns

Schematics for C64 Plus with 80 Columns

More schematics from 30 years ago.  This is for a computer known internally as the C64+ or C64 Plus and has built in 80 column support.  Unfortunately there is a page missing.

DLH's Commodore Archive

DLH's Commodore Archive



DLHs Commodore Logos.jpg

CB< Commodore, TED, C116, C264, Plus-4, Bil Herd, Dave Haynie, Terry Ryan, Fred

TED Drawings from the 1980's




CBM, Commodore, Z-80, CPM, C-64, VIC-40

CPM Z80 Cartridge for the Commodore VIC-40

More of those sets of drawings that I found in a box dating back 30 years to when I worked at Commodore Business Machines in West Chester PA.