November 2013


A "Real" Commodore C128D - as Originally Designed at Least

The C128D was designed to be released at the same time as the C128. As you might expect, this was my preffered version over the barndoorstop version.

Phase locking the VDC to the VIC Chip - Short Version

The PLL tower that saved CES - Short Version


HMOS II Designer Guide


The binder is empty but at one time it contained the secrets to cooking up a batch of HMOSII chips.


Good article on the cause of plastic turning yellow.

A great article on Vintage Computing on the causes of yellowing plastic on old computers.

Commodore C64 PLA Die

An Outsanding Paper: "The C64 PLA Dissected"

An Excellent write-up on the Programmable Logic Array (PLA)  by Thomas 'skoe' Giesel.  This PLA is found in t