c128.net, translated article from RUN magazine.
Article in RUN Magazine 1987: C128 in 720x720 graphics mode.




The following article is taken from the German Computer magazine 'RUN', issue: November'87 and is posted at C128.net:

c128-runmag.JPG The C128 finally shows what has been previously proofed for the C64: Its capabilities appear to be much higher than originally intended. The constant awaiting of new Computer generations tends to leave most older machines partly undiscovered... Read more at C128.net






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Thanks for posting this, I'm already looking forward to see some of it this weekend.
Apparently the hardware shown above is only needed for C128 + C128D, the C128DCR already have the required 64kb vram, though a Basic Rom replacement might be needed, to take advantage of this in Basic.
The C128 keeps surprising me :-)