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Frank Buss's WAV to PRG Convertor Script

From Frank Buss's page:

WAV file to sample PRG player converter
This is a converter script, which creates a C64 PRG file from a WAV file, which plays it. It is tested with Python 2.7. First download the script and then call it like this:


Single Board Processor/DSP in an Altera

Several years ago I worked with Dr Mike Negin from Mnemonics Inc on a small handheld battery powered DSP that could detect the value of paper currencies and annunciate them.  This is a good example of a general purpose single chip system with onboard processor as an IP, in this case I used the standard NIOS processor from Altera and tweaked it for size and performance.  Different cores are available from including the 6502.  In this case the magic Juju was all in the code that Dr.

Commodore Plus 4 World Website

I see the logo and I remember the first time I saw it.  I remember seeing it again when the word 264 had been replaced by Plus4.  What was to be something of a sleeper business machine juststayed a sleeper do to a bad pricing strategy: $299 instead of $79.

If you are a fan of old Commodore Computers, you need to head over to this collection and check it out:
Commodore Plus4 World

Netduino Software Emulator

What could be simpler than small opensource hardware, a software emulation of it.