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Books I have that you can get cheap on Amazon

I have the following books:
"Inside Commodore Dos" by Richard Immers and Gerald G. Neufeld (The Complete Guide to the 1541 Disk Operating System) by Reston Publishing Company Inc.  It is a 508 page book.  You can actually get it for .13 cents on Amazon without buying it from me.
Here is a review on another Amazon link with higher prices:
"This is a nice book for those who may own a Commodore 1541 disk drive. This book explains how the Commodore 1541 disk drive works using programming examples, explanations, and graphics. Some projects are not for the faint at heart, so care must be taken (e.g. the drive could be thrown out of alignment). Great for those who like to tinker. Also described is the DOS ROM - important for those who would like to make their own improvements, etc. Recommended for all Commodore enthusiast libraries."
What do you think?  Is the book worth holding onto?  Is it worth using to program new hybrid disk drives?
"AmigaDOS Quick Reference" by Abacus (Covers Workbench 1.3), 114 pages, Rugheimer Spanik
Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out (The most thorough coverage of Amiga Disk Drives ever." by Abacus.  The authors are Grote, Gelfand and Abraham.  It is a 345 page book (volume 9).  I'm amazed that you can actually get this book used for $0.21 cents.
"Amiga Machine Language" by Dittrich (Abacus books).  A practical guide to learning 6800 assembler language on the Amiga and it is 254 pages.
"Amiga Basic" Inside and Out (A complete guide to learning and applying AmigaBasic by Abacus.  Rugheimer Spanic (Volume 2).  This is a 548 page book.
"Commodore 64 Fun and Games" by Jeffries Fisher and Sawyer.  You can actually get this book for .60 cents on Amazon:

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