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C=128 BBS random freezing

Hi all,

I have set up a BBS on Supra 128 with some modifications for telnet. The software behaves fine in local mode and when doing anything within it from the "console". However when someone is connected it randomly freezes. Of course the softwre has been abandoned so getting support for it specifically is impossible.

I was wondering if the telnet null modem cable could be culprit as it occasionally sends RS-232 Framing errors. I have made sure the Telnet BBS softwre is identical to the COM1 port settings. I tried tried creating a cable according to Jim Brain's schematics but got mixed results: nothing worked when it connected DB9 to DB25 connected via VIC-1011A. I got garbled text when connected connected directly to a user port adapter and did verify all of the connections were where they should be. The null modem cable works fine connected to the VIC-1001A except for the framing errors.

Could anyone help with suggestions on how to diagnose the problems? This software was solid and reliable back in the day on an Aprotek 2400.

I could run Color64 with no issues but a) why do things easy and b) why waste the power of the 128?

Thank you!

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