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C128D keyboard switch keys

I posted this on a couple of other forums, so if you frequent Landover or the VC forums, you might be re-reading this.
Anyways, I have a C128D keyboard which needs replacement mechanical switches (CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK and 40/80 COL). The short story is that one of the switches was not making internal contact, so it was not actually making the connection. Thru an unfortunate series of blunders on my part, now instead of just one needing replacement, I'm at the need to replace all three.
I did have an offer for a full 128D keyboard from Europe, but it was expensive, and I really don't need a full keyboard. I've bee watching ebay for parts machines, but haven't had much luck there either.
So if anyone has either a scrapped keyboard where I can salvage the keys, or perhaps just the keys itself (I still have the caps), please let me know. Thank you!
PS, glad to see this forum/site, and run by authority too!

Will keep my eyes open,

Will keep my eyes open, though I would recommend looking for a full keyboard as an alternative.

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