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C64 Video Output
Re: C64 Video Output

Jeff Stringham wrote:

> Is this something that just falls back on Commodore not making every computer 100% the same...

I would think that is the case here. First of all, which S-video to VGA converter are you using? Second, open the one C64 that is producing the amazing results. Third, open one of the C64's that are not so amazing. Do a detailed comparison between each board and note any differences. That would be comparing every chip, every resistor, every component... even every trace. What is different in the not-so-amazing C64 may be the cause of your video problems. After you have analyzed that first not-so-amazing C64, then you would go onto a comparative analysis of the next not-so-amazing C64.

Tedious but it would get the job done,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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