Commodore LCD

This is the Commodore LCD machine which was not produced.  The president of Tandy told our then president of Commodore Business Machines that there was no money in "portable computers".


Mod1 003.jpg

Mod1 005.jpg

Mod1 006.jpg

Mod1 008.jpg

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Mike Naberezny sent me a quality EPROM burner to read the LCD ROMS from this 25 year old prototype.  The files can be found at


lcd software.JPG

Joe Cassara (not verified)
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It looks like it would have blown the Tandy 102 out of the water. Were the integrated applications developed at CBM?  How comfy is the keyboard?

digi_owl (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

barcode reader, acoustic coupler and rj-11 connectors?

MythicalMe (not verified)
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@digi_owl, this would have been the late 80's when the IBM PC (Intel 8088) was becoming a business standard.

Dopple (not verified)
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Was cool seeing this at the VCF East in NJ...