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Commodore 128
I think you're just going to

I think you're just going to have to keep your eyes open on places like Ebay or classified ads in newspapers or online. Check back to these places often and every once in a while one comes up (or even complete systems) for a reasonable price or bid on them and hope for the best price.


Too bad it wasn't 2015.  Then I'd say wait for October 15th and wait around downtown Hill Valley, California.  Then look for a guy with white hair with a flying DeLorean.  His next stop was 1985 where there were MANY Commodore 128s BRAND NEW!  ;)  (Ahhh yes if only)

On eBay for example

On eBay for example

This 1 is located in US

Commodore 128 Computer 1571 Disk Drive with Power Supply & Box & Manual-turns on


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