The Commodore 128 turns 30
The Commodore 128 turns 30


The Commodore 128 turns 30 , we celebrated with Bil Herd Created to compete with IBM PCs and Apple Macintosh , the Commodore 128 was introduced on January 5, 1985 at CES in Las Vegas. To celebrate its 30th anniversary we interviewed Bil Herd, one of the fathers of this equipment



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Yes, Ian Matthews mentioned the 30th also. See his announcement and click the links at

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

Nice article. C128 is fantastic... still use it today for elaborate 8-bit software and easy hardware hacks in native mode... also fun to play 64 games or toy around with CP/M. Thanks again for a great system Bil! Also, in the Malavida article, I really like the photo with Jack Tramiel and Bil Herd credited to Robert Bernardo :)

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