Commodore 8 Bit Repair Workshop - VCF East 2012 with Bil Herd & Rob Clark
Commodore 8 Bit Repair Workshop - VCF East 2012

Commodore 8 Bit Repair Workshop from VCF East 2012.  Rob discusses the current state of troubleshooting towers, dongles and silicon replacement, Bil discusses how to troubleshoot processors and computers in generals, especially if swapping the chips didnt work.

Thanks to Rob who came all the way from Switzerland to participate, I learned phrases like "Taddy Bits" and a "decent quid". Also thanks to Robert Bernardo who came from the West Coast to film the event and thanks to Evan Koblentz for the invite and to March and VCF for the event.

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Very useful videos. I actually went to ebay to order a Dead Test Cartridge after watching this, and considering to build a harness. I noticed there are guides on Ray Carlsen's site for these.
Is there a place to download your slides?