Commodore C64 Anniversary with Jack Tramiel, Steve Wozniak and Bil Herd
Commodore C64 25th Anniversary w/ Jack Tramiel

This was a very rare appearance by Jack Tramiel a couple of years ago at the 25th anniversary of the Commodore C64.  A retro time was had by all.  Sign up or subscribe to RSS for more retro paraphernalia as well as upcoming basic and high speed design videos and other stuff as we think it up.


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I flew out to CA from FL for this, my first time in the state. The folks at the CHM really know their stuff -- no revisionism.  It was great meeting Jack, Bil, Lee Felsenstein, Al Alcorn, and that tireless Robert Bernardo.  Would have been a delight to meet with Bobs Russell and Yannes.  They should have been up there with Jack. 

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