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Commodore LCD Information & and Emulator Site by Gábor Lénárt

<Excerpt> - Commodore LCD was Commodore's plan to release a portable, battery powered computer with really good built-in softwares. We would call that "notebook" currently, I don't know how it would have been named though. Unfortunately the project had been canceled, only 2-5 fully assembled machines exist (according to various sources - it seems there are two units we can know their owners for sure). This site may give you more hints about the machine and its story though.

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Thanks for the emulator! That was fun trying out the Commodore LCD virtually. And I wasn't scared of breaking anything (as I would be if I were using the real Commodore LCD). :)

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I've just updated my pages, especially this is interesting:
Any feedback/help is welcome to get the ROM images of the "other version" or more information about it.