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Commodore Plus/4 inductor

L4 is an axial inductor (3 bands short standard)

Brown Red Gold


RESULT: Value and tolerance: 1.2 µH, ±20%

Some of my Plus/4 motherboards have this version of the inductor.

In the service manual the sub is part number 325570-01 (also used on C16 motherboard)

On 1 of my C16 motherboards it has: NYT WEE 1.2 UH 10% 8242


Does anyone know what the Current rating would be?


Would a replacement be Bourns 78F1R2K-RC or Bourns 77F1R2K-TR-RC or something else like the EPCOS below?

These 2 Bourns inductors are some I found on Mouser

EPCOS 1.2 μH ±10% Ferrite Leaded Inductor, Max SRF:185MHz, Q:55, 1.15A Idc, 180mΩ Rdc BC

(EPCOS Mfr. Part No. B78108S1122K000 )


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Heh, I was actually using the
C plus/4 Service manualhttp:/

Plus/4 Service manual
This is a tinyurl for the service manual https://tinyurl.com/y9lqe4pu
It is on page "8" (pdf page 13) Plus 4 Schematic #310164 (2 of 4) it is connected to the rf modulator (pin 3)

That is just a filter to
C21 & L4 were missing on 1 of

C21 & L4 were missing on 1 of my spare Plus/4 motherboards.

I have replaced C21.

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