Alternative OS(s) for C128, a practical approach

As a Commodore enthusiast and also as a happy GNU/Linux lover I want to discover all available alternative operation systems for C128 to push it to its edges  and at the same time have a usable system.
I start with the hardware listing, these are the main items I am going to use:
1. Of course a real C128, with no memory expansion.
2. uIEC/SD as storage device and a SD card.
3. 64NIC+ Ethernet cart.
4. Composite video monitor for color 40 columns and monochrome 80 columns(meanwhile I am looking for affordable RGBI to color composite solution or at least
a simple 16 levels gray-scale one).
And here are main objectives to compare different solutions:
1. Add some capabilities which are not available or are hard to use in C128 stock OS(the embedded Kernel or the CP/M).
2. Some speed-up(s).
3. Should be a developer friendly environment. 
4. The last but not least having lots of fun.
In the next post I will continue with the available OS(s) list and ....

Very cool.

Very cool.

While I was preparing the

While I was preparing the next part I recognized to fully compare some aspects of available OS(s) I need more than one disk drive, so I have built a SD2IEC device to use it beside my uIEC/SD, now I just need to build a RGBI to 16 levels grayscale adapter then we can continue with the next part.

Q:Is it possible to love and have fun with 3 different personalities at once?
A:Buy yourself a C-128.

How's your project

How's your project progressing ?
I'd love to hear more


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