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Doing another Video Documentary

Hi Everyone, Junkfood who did the video documentary "Growing the 8 Bit Generation" which featured the only real in-depth interview with Jack Tramiel is doing a kickstarter for a new documentary about Atari:

Easy to Learn, Hard to Masterhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744798558/easy-to-learn-hard-to-master-the-fate-of-atari

They have a rare interview Manny Gerard of Time Warner and great stuff from Nolan Bushell, Al Alcorn and others.

We need you r help, please check the kickstarter.

Who is in the video?

Allan “Al” Alcorn
Minoru Arakawa
Ralph Baer
Nolan Bushnell
David Crane
Walter Day
Joe Decuir
Manny Gerard
Eugene Jarvis
Raymond E. Kassar
Steven L. Kent
Dennis Koble
Chris Kohler
Chuck Peddle
Ed Rotberg
David Rolfe
Steve “Slug” Russell
Howard Warshaw
Steve Wozniak

They made it :)

There is still 3 days to go for the Kickstarter campain and they made it. Here's their official announcement:

We made it, thank you all for the support, messages and advises! This, for us, means that you have appreciated the first documentary and we assure you that we will work hard to deliver an awesome new movie.

Less than a year ago we were ready to launch our first Kickstarter campaign: uncertain of the result it was more a bet that an opportunity. It was the last chance to make this project a reality. And then in one year we have funded two documentaries, signed a worldwide distribution for the first one and showed it a the Computer History Museum!

This incredible result came after a lot of work and commitment to this project in which we have ever believed.

Many people have helped us reaching this achievement; we really want to thank you all from the bottom of our heart! In sparse order: Jason Scott - who encouraged us since the very first moment, Bil Herd - narrator and friend, Cecilia Botta - PR and THE supporter, Chris Wilkins, Jeri Ellsworth, Mark Pilgrim, all the staff of the Computer History Museum, Kyle Greenberg and the Bond/360 team.

Now it's time to put all our energies into creating this new documentary that we will deliver for Christmas!

Soon will end another interesting campaign by Dream Arcades. Worth checking it!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1329525418/dreamcade-replay-univers...

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