VICE-Developing a C64 Emulator

Check out Dr. Fachat's video on the C64 Emulator known as VICE.  LOTS of detail.


A "Real" Commodore C128D - as Originally Designed at Least

The C128D was designed to be released at the same time as the C128. As you might expect, this was my preffered version over the barndoorstop version.

Commodore C64 PLA Die

An Outsanding Paper: "The C64 PLA Dissected"

An Excellent write-up on the Programmable Logic Array (PLA)  by Thomas 'skoe' Giesel.  This PLA is found in t

Vintage Gamma spectrometry system based on C128D

Vintage Gamma spectrometry system based on C128D

Here is an amazing Gamma Spectrometry System based on C128D posted by one of the users on c128.com, Tomislav Plese.  Here Tomislavm who goes by Tomy, shows some Tokyo soil samples taken since  Fuki

Commodore Colors

 From an article by Philip "Pepto" Timmermann

Sample of 5VDC-9VAC Convertor

  • Example of using a 555 and a couple of transistors to make a 5V DC to 9VAC 1A convertor.
Schematics for C64 Plus with 80 Columns

Schematics for C64 Plus with 80 Columns

More schematics from 30 years ago.  This is for a computer known internally as the C64+ or C64 Plus and has built in 80 column support.  Unfortunately there is a page missing.

CB< Commodore, TED, C116, C264, Plus-4, Bil Herd, Dave Haynie, Terry Ryan, Fred

TED Drawings from the 1980's




CBM, Commodore, Z-80, CPM, C-64, VIC-40

CPM Z80 Cartridge for the Commodore VIC-40

More of those sets of drawings that I found in a box dating back 30 years to when I worked at Commodore Business Machines in West Chester PA. 

Proteus, Ares, PCB, ISIS, autorouter, simulation

Proteus: Full featured CAD/PCB design for $249

I just tried LabCenter’s Proteus Schematic, PCB and Simulation CAD  product after seeing the advertisement on the back of