Commodore C-64 80 Column Adapter

Commodore C64 80 Column Adapter

I have found several sets of drawings in a box that dates back 30 years to when I worked at Commodore Business Machines in West Chester PA.  I had assumed that these products eventually got release

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SD Memory for the C264

Georgios Patsos sent me a link to Andre Melcher's external memory expansion for the Commodore 264 series.

Tape drive case used to house Mendel controller and power supply.

3d Printer Construction: Ultimaker code and a cool housing

I built a Prusa Mendel from Makergear this summer.  It was a good quality kit and took the high road in many ways.  With that said, I still had to find and r

Commodore 8 Bit Repair Workshop - VCF East 2012 with Bil Herd & Rob Clark

Commodore 8 Bit Repair Workshop - VCF East 2012

Commodore 8 Bit Repair Workshop from VCF East 2012.  Rob discusses the current state of troubleshooting towers, dongles and silicon replacement, Bil discusses how to troubleshoot processors and com

VCF 8.0 History of Commodore Part 2 with Bil Herd

VCF East 8.0 - History of Commodore Part 2

From the Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 , Bil Herd talks about working for Commodore from just before the de


How-To: Design Arduino Shields in Eagle

Tutorial for making a add-on PCB "shield" using the Arduino footprint and interface standard.

Jim Peters' Quad Commodore Port Project

Jim Peters' Quad Commodore Port Project

My Serial Port Story - By Jim Peters

Commodore LCD Commputer Specification

Commodore LCD Computer Internal Specification

Bob Russell brought this in a few years ago, it shows some of the early specifications for the not-released Commodore LCD computer.

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CBM 8 Bit Repair - VCF Workshop Sneak Peek

Rob Clark and Bil Herd team up to talk about repairing 8 Bit Computers and their peripherals on May 5th, 2012 at VCF East 8.0