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Eprom - Changing C128 Boot colors

Hi all,
I would like to edit my C128's boot ROM, especially my 80 column mode colors & text.

I've done a few Eproms on my Commodore 64s, changing colors & text, and was wondering if you could help with my 128.

So far, i have I have written an edited basic-4000.318018-04.bin to an AM27C128 Eprom with my startup text edited and will plug it into U33 tonight and see if that part works (I changed the MICROSOFT text).  The edited bin file works fine in WinVice in both 80 and 40 column modes.

My next change is this: Which part of the Bin files do i change for the colors?  Are these included in U33, or do i need to change other ROMs? I can find quite a few explanations for the C64 online, but not much specific to the C128.

For 80 mode, black is great, but i really like the Blue background, and white text on my 1902. Which values do i change for these colors?

Thanks for any help! :-)


Conrad Vogel

Clark Fork, ID

Cool, my text change works

Cool, my text change works great with my Eprom. Does anyone know what values I change in the bin file to change screen colors?


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