1985 Las Vegas CES


The CES Booth circa 1985.  Was supposed to look like a battleship.




Jeff Porter (left) demonstrating the Commodore LCD computer.



Ian Kirschman showing the LCD.


Classic phot of unpacking for the show.  Note oscilliscopes, eprom burners, etc.  

Far right: Freddy Bowen

Center: Rare picture of Yash Terekura, Gale Moyer, Chip (arlo) Guthrie, Claude Guay

Far Left: Hedley Davis, Jeff Porter


Small miracles were performed in this room.  We opened every single C128 at least twice in a production line as we tweaked them for CPM or 40 column or 80 coulumn modes.

This room is actually full of people, they are moving too fast to be captured on film.

Not shown: Taped to the door behind the camera is the Commodore Death List. If you were an Ass you made the list.

Bil Herd

Bil Herd with Programmer Judy Braddick in the Las Vegas airport.  There were no open bottle laws there back then, thats tequela sitting on the table.

Tall guy on the left (6'8") is Greg Berlin, designer of the 1581 disk drive.



Berlin soldering on the airplane.  Now would be mistaken for a terroist making a bomb.



Berlin and normal sized people.


Hedlet Davis, Ian Kirschman and Judy Braddick of the LCD and other projects.