Growing the 8 Bit Generation
Growing the 8 Bit Generation

After years since the interview and many trials and tribulations including a succesful Kickstarter the video documentary Growing the 8 Bit Generation  is out and about to be screened on March 30th at the Computer History Museum





The documentary Growing the 8 Bit Generation, produced by the 8bit Generation Project, focuses on the Commodore 64’s role in the home computer explosion and the personal computer revolution. The movie features never-before-seen interviews with Jack and Leonard Tramiel, Chuck Peddle, Al Charpentier, Bil Herd, Michael Tomczyk, Andy Finke, Steve Wozniak, Nigel Searle, John Grant, Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn, Joe Decuir, Jeff Minter, Richard Garriot, Al Lowe, Dave Rolfe, John Roach, Chris Curry, Dan Bricklin, Federico Faggin, Michael Swaine, Dan Kottke, Stan Veit. Howard arshaw, Steven Levy,  and Rupert Goodwins
The 8bit Generation Project is a labor of love and takes its name from the 8-bit microprocessor popular in machines from the early 1970s to the end of the 1980s. The 8-bit generation was characterized by young entrepreneurs, engineers, visionaries, dreamers, and geniuses who wanted to change their lives and ended up changing the world.
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Executive Producer Bruno Grampa and Bil Herd will join Museum CEO John Hollar for a fireside chat and audience Q&A. 

Come see us at the CHM this March 30th!
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