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I wrote a book about Commodore

Hi All,
I co-authored a book about my days at Commodore/MOS with Margaret Moribito of the old RUN magazine!
Bil Herd

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Interesting.  I see Margaret Morabito listed as co-author.  Is she the same Margaret Morabito who used to be an editor for Run magazine?

x86?  We don't got no x86.  We don't need no stinkin' x86!

Back into the Storm

Yes.  :)

Re: I wrote a book about Commodore

A Hackaday review of the book is at


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WOW!  I've GOT to get it!  I

WOW!  I've GOT to get it!  I'm always fascinated by the stories told by you and Dave Haynie of your time together at Commodore.

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