Jeff Porter, Commodore LCD,
Jeff Porter's LCD Machines

Leave it to Jeff Porter to be the other owner of a Commodore LCD, Jeff was the leader, engineer, father and owner back at Commodore in 1984-85.  Half of the Commodore  booth at the 1985 CES Show was dedicated to the LCD machine and Jeff and his team put their hearts into cutting all new CBM territory for this system.  In the end CBM nixed the product, even though Jeff had come back from the show with a substantial commitment by customers.  The rumor internally was that our then CEO had been convinced by the CEO of Tandy that there was no money in LCD's as proven by their LCD.  I used to have an article hanging outside my office how the Tandy LCD was their single highest selling product at Radio Shack that year.  In hindsite if there was a choice between the LCD and the C128, CBM should have chosen the LCD. The problem is that CBM shouldn't have had to choose, we could esily have done both; finish the 8 bit family and start the LCD market for the masses.

Thanks to Zach Weddington at for these pictures and the news of the LCD's, more can be seen at his blog





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