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Easy to Learn, Hard to Master - The Fate of Atari

We need your help! We need to thump this kickstarter so that we can finish the story of early Atari. The guys have hours of rare interviews including Manny Gerard.

Growing the 8 Bit Generation

Growing the 8 Bit Generation

After years since the interview and many trials and tribulations including a succesful Kickstarter the vid

Commodore LCD Teardown

Commodore LCD Teardown

Teardown of the very rare Commodore LCD for CommVEx 2014


Fake Finger Part I

  • Wed, 2014-08-27 12:21


Bil Herd Computes with Analog

Analog post on HackaDay

Using Op Amps and hardware multipliers to do a bit of analog computing.


Good article on the cause of plastic turning yellow.

A great article on Vintage Computing on the causes of yellowing plastic on old computers.

Vintage Gamma spectrometry system based on C128D

Vintage Gamma spectrometry system based on C128D

Here is an amazing Gamma Spectrometry System based on C128D posted by one of the users on, Tomislav Plese.  Here Tomislavm who goes by Tomy, shows some Tokyo soil samples taken since  Fuki

Proteus, Ares, PCB, ISIS, autorouter, simulation

Proteus: Full featured CAD/PCB design for $249

I just tried LabCenter’s Proteus Schematic, PCB and Simulation CAD  product after seeing the advertisement on the back of

Tape drive case used to house Mendel controller and power supply.

3d Printer Construction: Ultimaker code and a cool housing

I built a Prusa Mendel from Makergear this summer.  It was a good quality kit and took the high road in many ways.  With that said, I still had to find and r