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SD Memory for the C264

Georgios Patsos sent me a link to Andre Melcher's external memory expansion for the Commodore 264 series. Andre is a member of the CBM Crew and the original post can be found at plus4world.powweb.com/forum/24771  and at least one of the items sold on EBay  I cant even remember how much a GB would of cost back in the days we did the 264, or how big of power supply it would have needed.... but I used to know. >;)


TED with Flash.JPG

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Based on Shadowolf's SD2IEC version I have created my own also. I did not like the original SD2IEC's PCB design and SDcard was too large so I have designed my own and modified the schematic a bit. E.g. I have used dual gate MOSFET ICs for the IEC bus driver, run the whole system on 3.3v instead of 3v and replaced SDcard with MicroSD.