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Stellaris ARM Cortex Launchpad

I'm into learning microcontrollers.  I heard about this $5 development board through Dangerous Prototypes.  I'm pre-ordering it because I'm interested in bringing it to the classroom where I am NOT a teacher.  If anyone wants to learn it with me, it is possible that I can join you.  I'm not trying to spam anyone and it is only five bucks which I consider a bargain.




Please read the comments for the videos and extra information.


This is the link to pre-order from:




Thank you for your patience and if this post doesn't belong here, I have no problem with it being deleted.


No problem,  I love links to

No problem,  I love links to other sources and things that are cool and if there are good deals for hobbyists out there link to them also. 
It was a cheesy video as someone wrote, didn't see the actual order form outright, you said $5?
Getting dev boards is easy so to me the thing that stands is most people's ways is the code development space.  It usually takes me a day to get a brand new dev board running, whether made by me or someone else, and then a day to get the IDE up. 
The whole thing with the Arduino IMHO isn't that it's great hardware, you or someone mentioned it's just a little $4 controller which it is, but that there is a one or two click process to get code onto the board.
I am kinda past the point where I explore a processor for the sake of a processor, I can probably work with any of them and have a fondness for DSP's, so I am driven by what can they do... I.E. I need a project as a goal, what cool device can I make.

The actual price is $4.99 and

The actual price is $4.99 and it may be a promotional price as other information suggests that the price after promotion will be less than $10.  You have to pre-register with the link to be able to order one and they will probably send you an email.
For a little more money, the STM32F4 Discovery board has more memory and an accelerometer but it requires Jtag (Olimex) or a proprietary ST-Link.  My interest in this processor is that it is more computer like and it has more memory than other microcontrollers.
There are development boards on Ebay with more power like TFT touch screens, etc.
There is a website in England that I got help from and it is:

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