VCF East 2019 - Bil Herd talks about Aging and Heat... and also components

From VCF East 2019: Bil Herd goes on a playful rant about heat and aging of electronic components...

Commodore 128D: Episode 6: Joysticks and CIAs

Bybbles and Bytes talks I/O, Joysticks, etc.

Amiga Story by Nostalgia Nerd

The Amiga Story by Nostalgia Nerd.  Knowing some of the people I can say that this is a very well researched story.  I can never watch one of these all of the way through as I get misty eyed for wh

connecting the amiga 500 to the internet

Commodore Amiga 500 Connects To The Internet! (WiModem232)

WiModem232 is an internet modem for any computer with a RS-232 interface port that emulates a standard Hayes compatible modem.

C64 Game Programming: Keeping Score With Binary Coded Decimal

New episode of 8-Bit Show and Tell going live now: 

Let's Explore The Commodore Plus/4!

Let's Explore The Commodore Plus/4! (+ Mercenary & Pets Rescue)

ON TODAY'S MENU: I've always been intrigued by the Commodore Plus 4 - not to me

Putting High Speed PCB Design to the Test

Putting High Speed PCB Design to the Test

Designing circuit boards for high speed applications requires special considerations. This you already know, but what exactly do you need to do differently from common board layout?

Commodore History Part 5 - The C128

8 Bit Guy does a good walkthrough of teh C128 and it's history.