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Vintage Commodore Items For Sale

Hi, my father used to own a computer store in the Commodore's heyday and he and I want to sell the Commodore hardware and software inventory that's left over in storage (including C-64, C-128, VIC 20, and  AMIGA). A lot of what my dad and I have for sale is still sealed in the boxes, never used! I'm hoping to distribute these items to die-hard Commodore users, since some items are so rare and precious.  The Commodore 64 was the first computer I ever used - programming it and playing the games was such a blast!
Here's a list I've made so far of part of what is in storage (I'll update the list as we uncover more items). Please email me if you're interested at all (or if you have some info about prices/rareness). We'll consider all reasonable offers. Feel free to ask for further details or photos. Thank you!   janisrkunz@hotmail.com
Preferred payment method is PayPal, but otherwise check or m.o. are fine. Shipping is low unless you are outside the US, then it will Express Mail International prices. Free pak of blank floppies with purchases over $100.00.
($150 ea.)
1902A - qty 2

($100 ea.)
1571 (used)

C128 (used - $400)
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable/Billing
Better Working Word Publisher
Code Writer:Home Integrator
The Communication Edge
Easy Calc Result
Easy Finance I
Easy Working:The Planner
Fleet System 2 - qty 2
Font Master II
Home Video Producer
The Newsroom
Paperback Writer 128
Partner 128
Perfect Writer
The Professor
Report Writer (case broken)
Superbase C64
Superbase C128
Superscript C64
Superscript C128
The Writers' Assistant
($40 - 60)
CP/M Kit for C-128
Easy Finance III
Easy Finance IV
Get Rich!
Maillist Manager
Nick's Swift Loader
Personal Newsletter
Sublogic Scenery Disk
Superbase 64
SwiftCalc 128 - qty 2
Word Writer 3 - qty 2
4th And Inches Accolade
Coco 2 (VIC 20)
The Fourth Protocol
Mickey's Space Adv.
Mr. Pixel's Programming Paint Set
Murder By The Dozen - qty 2
Pitfall (box as is)
Roll Call USA
Science II
Space Rescue, Benji
Super Alien (VIC 20 - box as is)
Webster The Word Game
A+ Spelling
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool Of Radiance
The Captive
Color Me:The Computer Coloring Kit (w Rainbow Brite disk)
Def Con 5 (no box)
Ft Apocalypse
Garry Kitchen's GameMaker
Kinder Koncepts 3
Learn Spanish, French, And German
Mission: Algebra (no box)
Mr. Pixel's Programming Paint Set
Ocean Ranger (no box)
The Professor
Rainbow Painter - qty 2
Red Storm Rising
($50-$70 ea.)
Kraft TripleTrack - qty 4
Quick Shot II Deluxe Joystick Controller - qty 4
G-Wiz Printer Interface w/Graphics - qty 5 ($45)
printer stand 12" ($10)
printer stand 15" ($10)
Star NX-1000 (used - $100)
Star NX-1000C (used - $100)
The Accountant
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons:Curse Of The Azure Bonds
Blue Angels
Blueprints for Antic Software's Future Design Disk
Clue, Master Detective
Easy Script (as is)
The History of Brittania (as is)
Inventory Management
Lunar Lander
Microsoft Multiplan
Mini Putt
Rock On (as is)
Super Huey, with flight instruction card
Super Sketch
Swift Desktop Publisher
Tetris, The Soviet Challenge
Wizardy: Knight Of Diamonds
1084S monitor
The C128 Mode: An Inside View
Compute!'s Computing Together
Enhancer 2000 Disk Drive Owner's Manual
FSD-2 5 1/4" Floppy Disk Drive For C64
PowerPad Programming/Kit
Star SB-10 User's Manual
Super Expander 64
Bringing The Power Home: Commodore Amiga & Home Video VHS
Colortone Keyboard
Disk Bank 3 Media Mate (Amiga)
Disk Bank System/5 - 5 interlocking modules - qty 4
Fac Pac (stores 10 5 1/4" floppy disks) - qty 5
Muppets "Learning Keyboard"
power supply P/No 310416-01
PQ Party Quiz Game
Because these items have been in storage for decades and I don't currently have a way of testing them, I can't guarantee their functionality. But all items, used or new, worked when they went into storage. If there is an issue with an item substitutions are available, but not refunds. Thank you.

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could you mail me a shorter version with only amiga stuff on it to my email address mmcv1987, and include shipping to the netherlands please, do you accept paypal?
PS: mail address is a yahoo.com
PPS:I don't have a multisync monitor at the moment either.

Bunch of items listed at eBay now

I've gotten a chance to list some of these items at eBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/th3rdbass/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686

EDIT: Prices have been adjusted :)

Wow, a bit high on your

Wow, a bit high on your prices. I would check ebay and see what stuff actually sells for. This is the only way you are going to move any of it. Just my 2 cents. :D

If it's NOT a 128, it's not worth your time. :)

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