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Was Commodore ever fearful of Radio Shack?
Good question...

Good question... all I can say is that I recently noticed Radio Shack is closed here... don't know if it is nation-wide or just the local branch. Real shame, because it is one of the few places (besides the Internet) that I can get my hands on electronic components (resistors, transistors, etc.)
In retrospect, it is amazing how well CBM faired against RS... I guess all the major shopping centers (like Sears, K-Mart, etc.) was a much bigger venue for CBM ?

I'm kupo for Kupo nuts!

I have no idea what their
My opinion was that Radio

My opinion was that Radio Shack was afraid of Commodore.

I fully believe that this fear fueled them to convince Commodore to drop the C=LCD.  ... and Commodore fell for it!  Portable computers were the future and are the present!  I bet Radio Shack was laughing all the way back to their headquarters after CES '85.  Who knows where Commodore would be today if it wasn't so abismally mismanaged.

No. However we were very
How FRUSTRATING that must

How FRUSTRATING that must have been!!

I see in the photos of CES '85 the Commodore LCD.  Obviously you must have been heavily involved in getting that product to market.  How did you DO it???  Was the 128 and the LCD developed at the same time or did you complete the LCD project first and then focus on getting the 128 to CES?  I'm not sure I've seen stories about how the LCD came into development.

LCD and C128
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